Assign User Permissions

    How do I add Practice Users to my account? Users can only be added by the Account Owner 

    1. Click on the Practice level "Settings" page in the upper left-hand menu 

    2. Select the tab for Users: 

    3. Using the "+ Add user" button, add each user's name and email address and they will get an invitation to set up their password and complete their profile. For each user added, select the permissions they should have in your Maternity Neighborhood Account 

    RELATED Questions

    What is the difference between a Care Provider and an Other User? 

    • Any user can be made a Practice Manager in addition to their other roles. A Practice Manager is someone who assists in managing practice operations and maintaining the billing fee schedule, and who can complete chart deletion requests.
    • Care Provider is someone who provides clinical care, logs encounter visits and has the authority to diagnose and manage the Problems, Medications and Allergies list. In addition, this user type can use messages, create and use to-do lists, add files, add clients, etc. If you have the Maternity Neighborhood Care Guide you also have the option to make your Care Providers either a Librarian and/or a Sender of resources contained in the Care Guide.
      • Librarian is someone who can add resources, set resource visibility, and edit the auto-send schedule.
      • A Resource Sender is someone who can attach resources to messages.
    • An Other User is someone who has access to client charts but does not provide clinical care. They do not have permission to create or edit an encounter note in a client’s record, but can edit overview info, send messages, create to-dos, add files, etc.  If you have the Maternity Neighborhood Billing tool you also have the option to make any Other User a Biller.
      • A Biller is someone who can enter billing data for encounters and manage claims.

    How many Care Providers and Other Users can I have? Every account has an unlimited number of care providers and an unlimited number of other users. We no longer limit care providers based on your subscription allowance. 

    How do I delete a practice member? Rather than delete, you can inactivate practice users at any time, retaining access to their historical notes but eliminating their future access to any charts. They will be not be notified of new practice or client-level messages, and will not appear on a list of users to message within the practice.

    How do I make a practice member inactive? Just go to your "Settings" in the upper left-hand menu. Next, click the "Edit" link next to the person's name. You'll see a checkbox that set them as an inactive user. Once the changes are saved, the person will no longer be able to login to your Maternity Neighborhood account.

    How does a user reset their password? You can reset your password anytime by clicking the "I forgot my password" link on the login screen. Or, once you are logged in, there is a "Change Password" option in the drop-down menu under your name in the upper right-hand corner.                   434-533-0338

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