How to Switch Between Practices

Multiple Client Profiles - Practice Switching

    Within Maternity Neighborhood a client can now link their email address to all the practices and health systems they interact with, who also utilize Maternity Neighborhood. In other words, clients can have charts with multiple practices at the same time with the same email address. This feature allows you to share your one log-in with all your practices and switch between the different accounts if you need information from one provider. It even works even if you are a provider in one practice and a client in the same or different practice. 

    For successful use, it's important to make sure that you have selected the corresponding practice of the user or client profile you wish to work with.  

    1. Click on your name to the top right. The practice you are currently signed into is noted with a pin immediately under your name.  In this case Family Health & Birth Center.  All the other practices that Carla has user or client profiles in appear and can be selected in the 'Switch To' section.

    2. Highlight and click on the practice you wish to view.

    3. You'll be able to confirm the current practice selected by looking to the left of the dashboard.  You'll notice in this case, we have successfully switched to the Strong Start Birth Center.

    Uh-Oh.  I was practice switching and received an error message.

    Q: I have received a message that says "We're sorry, the page you're looking for isn't here."  what should I do?

    A: This message appears when you are looking at a specific client chart or file and then switch to another practice.  As directed, please click on the word 'Dashboard' and then follow the 3 steps above to make sure that your profile is currently affiliated with the corresponding practice for the account you wish to work with.                   434-533-0338

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