Help, I Can't Log In!

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  1. I have access to my email but do not remember my password
    • Please go to and select the "I can't log in" button. This will send a password reset link to the email address you provide (make sure it's the same one you use to log into Maternity Neighborhood)
  2. I've recently updated my email in Maternity Neighborhood but do not remember my password
    • When your email address is updated in Maternity Neighborhood, you'll receive a link to your new email address asking you to confirm the change. As part of this process, you'll need to enter your current password. If you do not know your password then please reach out to and provide your original and new email address. 
  3. I don't remember my password and I do not have access to my email address
    • Reach out to and we'll assist. Please include the original email associated with your account and the new one you'd like for us to update it to - once we've made the changes in the system you'll then be able to request a password reset using your new email address
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