Maternity Neighborhood Has Joined Quilted Health

Letter from Maternity Neighborhood's CEO, Brynne Potter:

Dear Maternity Neighborhood Customer,

I hope this new year is off to a good start with healthy babies and families. I’m excited to share some big news: Maternity Neighborhood has joined with Quilted Health!

For those of you who have not heard of Quilted Health, they are on a mission to champion a model for equitable access to compassionate, human-centered, whole-person pregnancy care. Quilted Health launched in 2019 in Washington state, focused on building a high-value care delivery model that focuses on expanding access to midwifery-led care. To date, Quilted has focused on building a service delivery model and leading the way in payment reform for pregnancy care and Maternity Neighborhood has focused on building technology to enable each of you to deliver care to your communities. As we began to work closely together to envision how MN could support Quilted Health practices, we decided the best next step for our collective mission was to formally combine efforts and resources to advance our shared vision - and so the companies were merged.

Both organizations believe that midwives, doulas, and other community-based pregnancy care providers should be the center of a US pregnancy care model, valued appropriately by the health care system, and accessible to anyone who wants it. 

I’m excited to lead the now-combined Quilted Health Platform team, all of whom are committed to the mission and work ahead. My team and I are thrilled to explore some of the most compelling opportunities to partner with Quilted and the MN community of providers. 

We are taking these first few months as we get to know our new colleagues (and they get to you!) to prioritize listening. To that end, there will be many ways we will be asking and collecting your input around what is most important to you and how we can help support you and your practice in better ways.

I’m sure you have questions! Here are a few ways to get them answered:

  • First, check out some FAQs below that cover the basic logistics around what this means for your existing relationship with MN. 
  • Second, join us for a virtual Town Hall Meeting on February 16 at 12:00pm ET with the combined Quilted Health Platform team to learn more about how they support you, and to voice your questions and requests. Register here!
  • Third, just reach out to us! 

We are happy to have a personal conversation with you. We honor your commitment to this company and the goals that we have shared together from start up to this moment. 

We can’t wait to get started on the next chapter of our shared story of pregnancy transformation.

With great excitement -

Brynne Potter

Founder, Maternity Neighborhood
VP Platform, Quilted Health

Letter from Quilted Health CEO, Christine Henningsgaard:

Hello, we are thrilled to welcome you to our community!  Quilted Health was founded three years ago, with a mission to build and champion a model for equitable, whole-person pregnancy care. Through those years, we have been growing within the constraints of our country’s broken pregnancy care system, with a big goal to prove that it is possible to build a future where all people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ability, or location can access equitable, high-quality care.  In pursuing this work, we recognize YOU - the providers, advocates, and organizations who all came to this work well before us.     

We know midwives and doulas lead to better birth outcomes and experiences. We know inclusive care is centered in community. We also know there are thousands of providers like you delivering compassionate care without the proper tools, incentives, and support that you need and deserve. We believe the future of pregnancy care is right in front of us, and our country needs a unified approach that creates access to and sustainability for high-quality care providers. We now view you as part of our community that we have the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to support and champion going forward.

As part of this acquisition, we are delighted to welcome the entire Maternity Neighborhood Team to Quilted Health. Brynne Potter, midwife, CEO, and founder of Maternity Neighborhood, has joined our executive team as Vice President of Platform.  As many of you know, Brynne is a passionate, dedicated leader who has spent the last 10 years developing technology solutions that help midwives and doulas deliver high-quality care. We are excited to expand the team’s thoughtful work, invest more resources to build additional features, and to listen, learn and take action in ways that will help you and your communities thrive.

With much gratitude and excitement, 

Christine Henningsgaard

CEO, Quilted Health

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will MN change its prices?

We have no plans to increase current subscription pricing during 2023. As we build out new functionality, our goal is to make sure that our platform remains affordable and accessible to everyone. We plan to offer additional value-add services to you. Many of those will be included in your subscription and others are services you may opt into.

How will my contract with MN change?

The only substantive change will be in the terms and conditions for using the platform. Our contracts will now read “Quilted Health” instead of “Maternity Neighborhood” but the terms will stay the same. 

How will my support from MN change?

We will be adding more support specialists to our team in the near future. The only change you might see is a more rapid response to your questions!

Will we see new features as a result of this partnership?

Yes! We are very excited to build out the features you have been asking for over the years. We will be contacting you soon to get your feedback on the features that are the most meaningful to you.

How is QH funded and what is their mission?

Quilted Health is venture-backed by leading healthcare investors who are committed to long-term positive impact.  Notable investors include Town Hall Ventures, Blue Venture Fund, HLM and Unseen Capital. Quilted is committed to partnering with investors who share our vision for long-term, sustainable change in healthcare. Like us, our investors are dedicated to improving access to high quality care for all people.

Will the Maternity Neighborhood name and brand now become Quilted Health?

We plan to rebrand Maternity Neighborhood to be in line with our shared values and missions as we join with Quilted Health.

Will your privacy policies or data access arrangements be changing?

Our privacy policies and terms of services are not changing at this time other than to update the name and address of the entity. You can review our updated privacy, terms and conditions and BAA policies on our website and contact us if you have any questions.

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