Managing Episodes of Care

The Episodes of Care tile on the Overview allows you to manage each episode of care, start new ones, and switch between them. The tile displays a list of all episodes of care, the current one with an "eye" next to it and listed in black.  

  1. Start by navigating to the client Overview, divided into tiles. Episodes of Care is the second last tile, above Settings. 

  2. Click on 'Manage' on the right-hand side to edit all episodes of care. 

  3. Click on 'Start a new Episode of Care' (green button below the existing episodes). 

  4. You will get a pop-up screen (dialog box) asking you to select pregnancy or other type, as well as the Primary Contact for this episode, and an optional episode Label (such as EDD January 2017). The start date is pre-populated as the date that you create the new episode, but can be back-dated if the clinical care is prior to that date. The latest start date determines the default episode for both the care provider and the client view.

  5. If you choose to share the episode with them, you have the option to resend them the invitation to view their chart and complete their intake form. This can also include a personal note

Other Common Tasks in Episodes of Care:

    • To view a previous episode of care: Scroll down to the Episodes of Care tile. Click on the episode of care that you wish to view. The chart will now be displaying all information from the previous EOC and the EDD, DOB or DOS at the top of the chart tab menu will highlighted in red to indicate you are viewing a previous EOC. All of the encounters, pregnancy info, messages, tests, files and claims from the previous EOC will now be accessible in the regular locations in the chart. The Episodes of Care tile on the overview will display the "eye" next to the episode that you are viewing, and the most recent EOC will be selectable again and displayed in green. To switch back to the most recent EOC, select its label or simply navigate to another client's chart and the default view will reset to the most recent EOC.
    • To delete an episode of care: If you would like to delete a client's record, please be sure to have saved any information that has been entered into that episode that you would like to retain. Account owners are the only users who are able to delete client records. Deletion of an episode of care cannot be reversed so please be sure that you are deleting only episodes created in error. 
      1. Click on Manage in the Episodes of Care tile of the Overview, expand the tile, and click on the episode you wish to delete. 
      2. Please verify that the episode for deletion has a black eye next to it in the list. Click "Delete this Episode of Care." 
      3. The system will ask you to confirm the deletion by clicking "yes, delete this episode."                   434-533-0338

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