Setting Your Client's EDD

  1. EDD stands for estimated due date. This is initially how your clients will be sorted on the prenatal view of your Client List.
  2. Once you are in the client's record, click the 'DOS: ..' link located under their name. (You can also access this page by clicking on the 'edit' on the right-hand side of the Pregnancy tab.)

  3. Depending on when and how your client initially discovered that they were pregnant, you have several options for determining the EDD. They include the last menstrual period, the conception date or gestational age from ultrasound. The custom option is typically used if you would just like to enter the EDD. However you enter the EDD, remember to fill in the field entitled 'Base EDD on'.   

  4. Clicking on any of these options will bring up a calendar where you can select the date. It is important to note that for LMP this is an estimate based 280 days after the date you enter.

  5. In the 'Base EDD' section, you will specify which of the previous dates you would like the estimate to be based on. You may also enter any notes about this selection in the space below

  6. If for some reason the client-provider relationship or pregnancy end, you are able to specify the date and reason in the remaining 2 sections

  7. Once you save your entry, you will be taken back to the 'Overview' section of your client. Notice that where 'DOS: ..' once was, you now see how far along your client is in their pregnancy and their estimated due date
  8. You can also edit this at any time by clicking on the EDD and updating the information.

What to do if the EDD isn't calculating: sometimes the EDD will not calculate until you click the "DOS" link located in the top left-hand corner under the client's name. Simply click the link, make sure you've filled in all the data, and then save. Once you save, the EDD will calculate.                   434-533-0338

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