New Pregnancy for an Existing Client and Resending the Intake Form

Many of our practitioners have clients returning to their care.  In Maternity Neighborhood, you don't have to create a second chart for a return client but rather can reactivate the chart from the archives, within the 'Settings' for that client.  

To add a new pregnancy for your return client, please follow these steps.

1. Click on the client's record.

2. Scroll down to the Episodes of Care section and click 'Manage' to the right.

3. Click the button that now appears underneath the previous episode of care that says 'Start a new Episode of Care'

4. Add the new pregnancy information and select whether or not the chart will be shared. You have the option to send a welcome back email at this point also. 

5. Click 'Start This Episode'

Please remember that your client or you will need to complete a new history for this episode, and also set the pregnancy EDD.

Need Help Setting Your Client's EDD? Click Here

Resending The Client's Intake Form

If you have shared the record with the client, you may want the client to fill in their intake form at this point.  To send an invitation to do this:

1.  Verify that the client's email address is the same.

2.  Within the Client Navigation Panel to the left click 'Forms'

3. Click 'Send Reminder Message' 

** This will email the client, reminding them to log back in and fill out a new intake form.

Why does the client have to fill out their entire intake form again? Can't the information from their last pregnancy just copy over? This is by design.  After consulting with care providers, it was determined that asking a client to fill out the intake form from scratch was important.  This allows clients to not only address changes to their contact information but to also be given the opportunity to revisit how they would describe their physical condition and medical/surgical history.  With age, clients may evolve how they describe their physical status.                   434-533-0338

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